About Product Punks

Since Marc Andreessen appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in the late 1990s, technology has been the new rock ‘n’ roll. The golden geeks have taken over and are having more cultural impact than The Sex Pistols or The Ramones ever did.

Product Punks brings you in-depth interviews with the brightest and best technologists, founders and product people who are building our future, one chord at a time.

About me

My name is Toby Rogers. I’m a product manager and former professional music journalist passionate about helping socially responsible organisations build innovative tech products.

I want to prove you don't have to have a Silicon Valley background and a resume that includes giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon to create world-beating software.

I've learned how to be a product manager by doing. I've made a ton of mistakes and I want to help others make sure they don't do the same.

A passionate music fan, I used to dream of being the next Jann Wenner until I realised I’d never pay the mortgage with free CDs and gig tickets. I love horror movies and am still trying to build a definitive collection of video nasties, Italian schlockers and slasher films.

I’ve been writing for the web since the early days of Blogger with articles about music, movies, product management, productivity and entrepreneurship.

I’m rapidly hurtling towards middle age but still stand at the front at gigs. I’ve got a Black Flag tattoo and more guitars than I know what to do with. I won’t turn into the bald fat man in the red BMW convertible.